Valerie Aurora

Valerie Aurora accidentally became a file systems expert.

K. Tempest Bradford

Tempest blogs for a living and loves it. She also blogs for free and loves that, too. Her heart belongs to writing and writing about speculative fiction, but she lives by writing about mobile technology. The lists of blogs she contributes to seems to grow by the hour, but currently include her personal blog, The Angry Black Woman, FeministSF, the Carl Brandon Society Blog, and

Melissa Draper

Melissa is an Open Source/Free Software enthusiast. Despite actually being a web developer, Melissa currently manages a shop in Sydney, Australia that sells Linux-y things. is her personal blog.

Mary Gardiner

Mary is a Free Software contributor, computational linguistics research student and programmer at large.

Matthew Garrett

Matthew is a Linux kernel developer, Red Hat employee and former Debian developer and Ubuntu technical board member and has most of a PhD in fruitfly biology. Computers still confuse and scare him.

Lesley Hall

Lesley Hall is an archivist and historian based in London, who has published extensively on women’s and gender history and the history of sexuality and also has a more than passing interest in sf. She considers herself a pre-second-wave feminist. Her website can be found at

Sumana Harihareswara

Sumana Harihareswara, a.k.a. brainwane, is a twentysomething geek living in New York City. She is a daughter of Indian immigrants, a scifi nerd, a wife, a project manager at an open source software firm, and a lapsed standup comedian.

Liz Henry

Liz Henry is massively multiblogular, and can be found most often writing at Composite on tech and activist stuff; FeministSF on science fiction and books; and Badgermama on geeky parenting. She’s an all around geek, open source enthusiast, coder, writer, and poet, works as a web producer for BlogHer, and is on the advisory board for GimpGirl.

Leigh Honeywell

Leigh Honeywell is a security geek, hackerspace organizer, irregular blogger and denter, all-to-frequent tweeter, student, and traveller.

Mackenzie Morgan

Maco is uses, works on, and blogs about Free Software.  She’s a computer science student in Washington, DC and dents.

Terri Oda

Terri is a web security researcher, open source developer, teacher, amateur photographer, naturalist, geek, gamer, clarinetist, and woman in technology. She blogs/tweets under the name terriko, and maintains a web security blog at When not busy working on her PhD in computer security, she likes to make and bake things.

Kirrily Robert

Kirrily Robert, known as “Skud” most places online, is an open source and free culture geek, a media fan, and a nerdishly obsessed polyhistor. She lives in San Francisco and also blogs at Infotropism.


Ten years ago yatima was one of the first employees on board a brand new technology industry analysis company. Research turned out to be her dream job. She spends her days talking to interesting people in startups and userland, and then she writes about them.

Matt Zimmerman

Matt (mdz) is a free software developer and enthusiast with a history of contributions to the Debian and Ubuntu projects.  He is a latecomer to the blogosphere, writing about technology and interpersonal topics on mdzlog.