Loss of virtue in a linkspam is irretrievable (12th December, 2010)

2010 December 11
  • For the Linux geeks: Lyz discovers that Computer Engineer Barbie has a penguin
  • oursin responds to “Why don’t you just hit him?” with another argument against: If this sort of thing happens within a social setting, it’s the person who reacted in a way that disrupts the sense that we are all here having an agreeable time who gets looked at askance if not accused of over-reacting and causing offence.
  • A cartoon about epistemic injustice: Women’s stuff versus real stuff on the Internet.
  • TEDWomen Day 2 highlights: personal robots, breast cancer detection, and parenting taboos – Boing Boing: I departed TEDWomen feeling very inspired, happy, and exhausted. The event was amazing, though I do think they could have done a better job of bringing more smart women who can talk about traditionally non-women issues — math, sports, science not related to breasts or pregnancy — to the stage. (“Non-women stuff”? Interesting when compared with the cartoon in the previous link.)
  • Dev Profile: Angie Byron: an interview with Drupal core developer, Angie Byron
  • (Warning, misogynistic text and porn images shown and critiqued at link.) Go Make Me a Sandwich: The echo chamber (or yet another reason I f*cking hate the internet): … internet culture is saturated with downright hatred of women. I know that I’ve hyperbolized quite a bit here, but I don’t use this term lightly. There is so much stuff on the internet that displays a level of disregard for women that is quite frightening, and unfortunately internet culture tends to dovetail with geek culture and gaming culture quite a bit.

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  1. Deborah permalink
    December 12, 2010

    Barbie also has an open CPU case for easy disassembly, a thumb drive shaped like a high heeled shoe, and Chinese food. Pictures here.

  2. fannie permalink
    December 13, 2010

    Ack! I don’t like that “cartoon about epistemic injustice.” So, the lady tries to talk about “general” stuff in a “general” forum dominated by men, and they immediately start harassing her. But, when she goes to the “made for women” internets, she is disgusted by all of the “feminism” (among other things)?!

    Is the cartoon lady meant to be Phylis Schlafly- a freeloader who wants to take advantage of feminism’s wins for women while simultaneously denigrating the movement?

    • Mary permalink
      December 13, 2010

      I read it not so much that she’s disgusted by the women’s stuff (vaginas, as well as feminism) but that the segregation is so striking. That is, there’s the Internet, with default-maleness, and there’s the, um, Pinkernet I guess, with women’s issues ranging from serious political thought through to celebrity gossip, all trivialised and handily labelled so that the men know not to bother.

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