I want to be the girl with the most links (22nd November, 2010)

2010 November 22
  • (Trigger warning for ‘net harassment.) Surprise surprise, it turns out that if you describe harassment and don’t name the harasser, you get criticised a lot too! Silencing, coming to a cinema near you. Daddy Blogger Skeeves Out Mommy Bloggers, Starts Flame-War.
  • And in response to the comments on the above link Catherine critiques the commenters indulging in another round of sneering at mommy bloggers and their “dramas” (that is, victimisation by harassers).
  • Where Are All The Atheist Women? Same place all the women bloggers are hiding, I guess!
  • Help Fast Company Find the Most Influential Women In Tech 2011. Or perhaps they could look at existing lists?
  • The Royal Society’s lost women scientists: A study of the Royal Society’s archives reveals that women played a far more important role in the development and dissemination of science than had previously been thought
  • Rock Stars Vs Cheerleaders:scicurious questions the Science Cheerleaders and whether scientists and rock stars do much for science by hanging out in GQ.
  • Why There Are So Few Women in Tech – BusinessWeek: How does telling your board you're pregnant go down?
  • Stung by gender bias, author Tawni O’Dell stings back: Oh yeah, even in book publishing the bigotry lives.

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  1. Lesley Hall permalink
    November 22, 2010

    I’m somewhat annoyed at all the coverage A MAN talking about lost women scientists is getting, when we have several decades-worth of women historians of science who have been saying the exact same thing. This seems to me pretty much the standard thing of no-one listening until it’s said by a bloke (even if the women have already been saying it).

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