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2010 November 21
  • Anti-Bullying Starts in First Grade: Katie, young Star Wars geek, gets support from the wider women geek community.
  • Sady Doyle on women represented in geek culture continued: Lady Robots: The Shape of Things to Come On: So, here’s another story for you. It’s grimmer than the last one, but we tell it almost as often. It goes like this: She’s perfect. She’s perfect because we made her perfect…
  • The Coming Wave Of Oppositional Sexist Panic: Some people see the world as they know it slipping away. They see a world coming where society doesn’t effectively enforce a bright line between masculinity and femininity, or force men for be masculine and women to be feminine.
  • In Defense of One-Dimensional Characters: A really well-written discourse on the limitations and benefits of fictional characters of all dimensional flavours.
  • Unlocking the Clubhouse: Five ways to encourage women to edit Wikipedia: Ideas from "Unlocking the Clubhouse"

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