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2010 August 5
by Mary

We’d love to feature more guest posts on Geek Feminism, and we accept proposals at any time. But relying on self-nominations from our core audience, women, is problematic due to social training against self-promotion.

So I want to try something new: nominate a guest post!

Here’s how it works:

  1. you, the reader, think of a blog post you’ve seen elsewhere, published since July 1 2010, that you would like to see appear on
  2. ask the author if they are happy to be nominated (this is very important: please do not put us in the position of approaching authors cold)
  3. once they’ve agreed, leave a link to the post, and, if possible, an email address or contact method for its author, in comments here. If you like, you can also leave a reason, for example “Geek Feminism has never covered horror fandom” or “Geek Feminism has never featured a post about South American cons” or “this is the best writer living” or just “best thing I’ve read today!”.

You absolutely can nominate your own writing as well.

Comments will be private on this post. Posts selected for guest-posting will go up, with re-confirmation from the author, and we will do a linkspam containing remaining ones of interest.

We’re primarily interested in cross-posts from smaller blogs, in order to introduce our readers to sites they don’t know of yet, and to introduce writers to a larger readership. But if the author of a piece on a widely read website wants it to appear here, we’ll certainly consider it.

Some information about our blog, and about guest posting, especially if you’ve been pointed here because you’ve never seen our blog before but someone wants to nominate your post:

  • What is our blog about? From our About page: The Geek Feminism blog exists to support, encourage, and discuss issues facing women in geek communities, including science and technology, gaming, SF fandom, and more. (Yes, we take a broad view of geekdom.)
  • Can non-feminists guest post? We will decide on a case-by-case basis. There are plenty of critiques of feminism by women and social justice activists, we are interested in these. Standard anti-feminist or relating-to-women 101 material (has feminism gone too far? how can geek men get a girlfriend?) is unlikely to be chosen.
  • Can non-geeks guest post? Non-geek critiques of geekdom might well be chosen, as might posts by ex-geeks. If the post is not in some way concerned with geeking, being geeky, geek interests, etc, then it probably won’t be chosen.
  • Who decides? The current stable of front-page posters, probably I myself will do the bulk of the work on this. I’m not the best and fairest (I’m also not the prettiest and I’m still not king), but I will try.
  • Am I going to become rich and famous? Possibly, but not by posting here. Posts on the Geek Feminism blog receive somewhere between 500 to 30000 page views, averaging perhaps 1500. We do not pay guest (or regular!) posters.
  • How will comments work? Comments will be open here. You won’t be able to moderate them yourself, they’ll be moderated according to our usual policy and we’ll contact you for any line-ball calls.
  • Can I be anonymous or pseudonymous? You can be pseudonymous (your guest post can appear with a made up or non-legal name), but you can’t use something as generic as either ‘Anon’ or ‘Anonymous’.
  • Will you link back to my blog? Yep, all guest posts will have a little intro bio and a link back to the original post too, unless the author doesn’t want that..
  • Can I edit my post for your site? We obviously can’t stop you (we aren’t going to publish without your permission!) but it’s surprising how often this turns into the guest post that never happens. We encourage you to allow us to post as it originally appeared, perhaps with a short explanation at the start to give context. This is not a super-polished professionally edited website either.

Nominations will be taken until comments on this post automatically close in a fortnight. You are welcome to ask to guest post your own writing here at any time, contact us via an open thread.

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This post was written by mary.

Mary is a Free Software contributor, computational linguistics research student and programmer at large. She can also be found at and Hoyden About Town.

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