Call for guest posts: appearance/presentation issues

2010 June 17

Some comments on both Kylie’s post and Terri’s latest post suggest that this blog should really is overdue to host discussions on geek women who are oppressed or trapped by or feeling policed about issues to do with: body image, femininity, gender presentation and similar, or who want to question and deconstruct them, or opt-out.

I know it’s a cop-out to say “we’d welcome guest posts”, but here’s why I feel it’s appropriate in this case: our bloggers who are most sensitive to these issues from personal experience aren’t able to be public about it in this venue at this time, or don’t feel that they can deal with the issue sensitively enough or analytically enough for a satisfying respectful discussion with others. So maybe I should say: we need guest posts to address these issues in a satisfying way, and we’re sorry that we can’t properly address it otherwise (at this time, at least).

If you would like to guest-post on this issue, leave a comment here or on the latest Open thread (you’re always welcome to offer a guest post on an Open thread). Otherwise if you’d like to share links, analysis and resources on these issues, or offer shorter comments, or angles that you’d like addressed on this blog by other writers, please comment.

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This post was written by mary.

Mary is a Free Software contributor, computational linguistics research student and programmer at large. She can also be found at and Hoyden About Town.

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One Response
  1. Josephine permalink
    June 17, 2010

    For those interested in learning a bit about tailoring, can I suggest this excellent post on Gertie’s sewing blog:

    This has a list of really useful beginner’s sewing and fitting books, many of which I use myself. In particular, the Fit for Real People is very useful. It is geared towards seamstresses/seamstressors, but it will help you identify fit issues. If you’re not a seamstress I suggest taking your clothes to a tailor who’s willing to have a good chat with you about your fit problems. 95% of your fitting problems have nothing to do with your body, it’s modern mainstream clothing producers letting you down through poor construction, badly drafted patterns and economies of scale.

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