Meetup in Sydney, Australia

2010 March 25
by Mary

Although we’re not as bad as the San Franciscans, Sydneysiders (myself and Melissa) comprise a disproportionate slice of the Geek Feminist Hive Vagina. But as powerful as we are, we can only become more powerful when allied with Hoydens About Town, so… let’s picnic together.

We’re currently organising the picnic for a weekend day in late May. Head on over to Hoyden if you’re coming along and let us know your preferred date.

If anyone is interested in organising an informal meetup in their own city, I suggest posting to an open thread to see if there’s any interest and going from there. I’m happy to post your plans on the front page here once finalised. (At some point that fails to scale, but we’ll worry about it if it happens.)

Comments are closed on this post, if coming to the Sydney meetup, please comment at Hoyden.

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This post was written by mary.

Mary is a Free Software contributor, computational linguistics research student and programmer at large. She can also be found at and Hoyden About Town.

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