Daughter of Link Roundup (August 31st, 2009)

2009 August 30
  • Margaret Atwood doesn’t think she writes science fiction. Ursula K Le Guin would like to disagree. (A review of “Year of the Flood”.)
  • sarahtales takes on Uhura, Harriet Potter, and Jo from Little Women and wonders why we hold women in fiction to different standards.
  • ROSE blog interviews Kanika Vats (GSoC student)
  • “I never identified as a feminist because, never having personally experienced sexism in real life, I thought the topic was irrelevant. Reddit, you have proved me wrong!”  Hey Reddit, why is there so much sexism on here?
  • Lovelace and Babbage vs the Client pt. 3 — you DID see this awesome Ada Lovelace comic when it debuted a while back, didn’t you? If not, go NOW.
  • Boys outperform girls in maths for a change — the article, as oursin points out, is “molto creepy”.
  • Cate at Hardcore Nerd City posted Gatefail 2009 (or, A Primer on Stories that Scream) which explains the whole Stargate: Universe brouhaha for those who are coming in late to the drama.
  • Johanna at Comics Worth Reading reviews the Manga Guides to Calculus and Electricity
  • lizbee reviews Loving Richard Feynman, a book about a 15 year old girl who fangirls Richard Feynman.
  • Flickr blog: many different takes on We can do it!
Photo by lyrabellacqua on Flickr

Photo by lyrabellacqua on Flickr

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