Linkspam a go go (8th July, 2010)

2010 July 8
  • Facebook is offering scholarships to the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on September 28 – October 2, 2010. You must be a US resident, female, and a university student enrolled in computer science, engineering, or related technical major. Applications are due July 31st.
  • Amanda Hess at The Sexist published a couple of interviews with gamer and SF historian Courtney Stoker, about geek feminism: Courtney Stoker on Feminist Geek and Make Your Dude-Dominated Subculture More Accessible to Women
  • Michael Morris’s Special Cisco Live Contest – Hottest Booth Girl post is epic fail, save for a few decent dudes in the comments pointing out how insulting the contest was to both men and women.
  • Shelby Knox is not impressed by the invisibility of women and women’s work in Google Doodles (the special Google logos honouring holidays and special events).
  • Women and Growing Companies: Adriana Gardella links to several (largely US-based and focussed) initiatives to help businesswomen.
  • Cool down, little girl: A dude starts to get it, A couple of book reviews I read a while ago made me realise how it’s the little human details that can bring alive big, over-familiar events. In these cases sexism and racism.
  • “Make it Happen” – An interview with Allison Randal, Program Chair of O’Reilly Media: largely about OSCON rather than Randal herself.

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Thanks to everyone who suggested links in comments and on delicious.

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3 Responses
  1. AMM permalink
    July 8, 2010

    A few questions about the mechanics of posting comments; I couldn’t find any mention of this:
    – Do cookies have to be enabled? (I usually disable cookies.)
    – If I post, should the comment be immediately visible? Or not until it goes through moderation?

    • Mary permalink
      July 9, 2010

      I don’t believe cookies need to be enabled to comment. The site will not remember your details without them, so you will need to re-enter them (as you undoubtedly anticipate).

      Some comments go right through, some are held for moderation, depending on keywords and such. Anyone commenting from an email address that hasn’t commented before will be moderated, and known email addresses changing IP are sometimes moderated too.

      You’ll get a warning if your comment was held for moderation in the usual fashion but not if it ended up in the spam trap. We do rescue stuff from the spam trap fairly promptly though.

  2. regis permalink
    July 8, 2010

    oh, fuckin cisco. STAY CLASSY, CISCO.

    So, no shit, there I was, at a “cisco Networkers” conference (I’m not sure if they still call it that) back in 2000. I was pleased to see a conference panel on encouraging women in the networking field, because, hey, awesome. And then, THE VERY SAME DAY, I go to the social event, where part of the event-specific decor at the venue is a bunch of “living statues”. Every one of them a chick. I mean, it’s Las Vegas. You expect conventionally attractive flesh on display. But they couldn’t throw a single bone to diversity and have even one sexy guy on display?


    I was good, though. I didn’t even set anyone on fire or nuthin.

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